Basware Network:the world's largest open commerce network

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The Basware Network is an open B2B ecosystem that allows all companies – buyers, suppliers and partners – to benefit from connected global commerce. As the largest open network in the world, it allows you to identify, connect and collaborate with customers and suppliers across the globe with ease – transforming the way you buy, sell and manage your cash


The largest network in the world - and growing fast!

For over a decade, Basware has been the driving force behind a rapidly growing business ecosystem designed to connect as many international e-invoicing and e-ordering networks as possible. Today, the Basware Network connects with over 170 B2B networks globally, allowing our customers to transact seamlessly with 1 million companies. And it’s growing all the time.

Removing the complexity from sending and receiving invoices and orders

Thanks to the simplicity of the solution, Basware customers across 100 countries are exchanging more than 60 million transactions annually within the network. You can simply send your invoices through the network in any format you like – it will automatically convert them into the format your trading partner demands. Similarly, invoices and orders received from your suppliers and customers will arrive in the format you need.

The benefits of transacting across the Basware Network include:

  • Faster processes, faster payments and fewer errors
  • Lower operating costs and streamlined processes
  • Real-time visibility across the financial supply chain for you and your trading partners
  • Integrated financial processes for improved buyer & supplier collaboration

When you join the Basware Network, you will enjoy:

  • Global reach through a single connection: Connect to the Basware Network and start transacting with your trading partners across the world immediately.
  • Visibility and control: Manage all your sales invoices, purchase invoices and purchase orders from one place for complete visibility and control across your key financial processes.
  • Instant collaboration: Our portal views, dashboards and easy connector apps enable quick, efficient and compliant electronic transactions with all your trading partners.
  • Easy setup: Basware has unparalleled expertise in simplifying B2B commerce. We enable e-invoicing across complex tax and regulatory environments, with  built-in, best-practice processes that will optimize your entire commerce lifecycle.
  • Freedom to trade: The Basware Network is truly open – there are no expensive memberships, unfair fees or participant lock-in. Join once and you can trade anywhere.